Spring 2018 Session I

January 16 - March 9 Spring Session I

Classes Offered
GEN101 Success in College (Pass/Fail) P/F Atkinson
BIB105 Bible Study Methods 3 Sams
COM202 Interpersonal Communication 3 Youngkin
MIN209 Introduction to Preaching 3 Ramirez
COM101 Introduction to Communication 3 Youngkin
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3 Ramirez
EVG202 Methods of Evangelism 3 Lambert
CED201 Introduction to Christian Education 3 Fleming
HUM104 Comparative Religions 3 Lambert
MAT099 Fundamentals of Mathematics 3 Atkinson
ENG101 English Composition I 3 Rhynes
THE101 Theology I 3 Sams
EVG101 Intorduction to Evangelism 3 Brown
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3 Solomon
MED280 Scriptwriting 3 Rhynes
MUM120 Introduction to Music in Ministry 3 Tabler

Spring 2018 Session II

March 19 - May 11 Spring Session II

Classes Offered
BIB223 Old Testament Poetic Literature 3 Myatt
BUS230 Principles of Marketing 3 Ramirez
SOS299 Capstone 3 Cortner
THE102 Theology II 3 Sams
HIS103 History of Missions 3 Brown
SOS205 General Psychology 3 DelBonis
BIB201 Life of Christ 3 Fleming
MIN210 Preaching Lab 1 Ramirez
LED203 Dynamics of Team Leadership 3 Lambert
EVG102 History of Revivalists 3 Lambert
MAT101 Introduction to Business Mathematics 3 Lowe
LED101 Introduction to Christian Leadership 3 Youngkin
ENG201 English Composition II 3 Youngkin
SOC102 Urban Sociology 3 Solomon
SCI101 Environmental Science 3 Supple