Valor Learning Center

The Valor Learning Center (VLC) was established in 2015 as a free resource for Valor Christian College students seeking assistance in the development of papers and other written assignments, as well as of oral and multimedia presentations, for fulfillment of class assignments.

Guidance is also available for students who need help with basic planning, organizational and study skills.

All Valor students, both on-campus and online, can access the VLC’s consultants virtually; on-campus students have the additional option of face-to-face consultations when the VLC is open (2-5 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays in 204-206 Canfield Hall).


The Valor Learning Center (VLC) reinforces a culture of communication at Valor Christian College, so Valor students become more effective ministers of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The VLC is a reliable, expert resource for Valor Christian College students who wish to improve their study skills and complete writing and speaking projects with distinction. We provide responsive service to our clients, encouraging and coaching them so they maximize their ability to fulfill their assignments with excellence.


We respond promptly to students who self-refer to the VLC, as well as students who are referred to the VLC by their professors.

We follow through and remain engaged with each student on each project he or she presents through the due date for the project.

We treat our clients as the adults they are, leaving responsibility for the completion of each project with the client. We will actively fulfill the roles of consultant and encourager.

We proactively provide resources to individual clients and to the Valor student body, to help students become stellar communicators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When to Use the VLC

Ideally, students engage the services of the VLC early in the life of the assignment – soon after the professor makes the assignment and provides the due date, not in the day or days before the assignment is due. That’s because the value VLC consultants provide is in helping you brainstorm and plan the best way to complete the assignment, leaving you in charge of its completion. Planning is the student’s friend!

The VLC is not a “fix-it shop” or “grammar garage” – a place to check your paper and suggest surface-level revisions. Consultants function as a sounding board and encourager for clients with challenging assignments, but cannot edit, proofread or format assignments for a student just before they are due.

Consultants also do not perform research for student assignments. Students who need research assistance will be referred to the Valor library.

Valor students can make their own appointment with a VLC consultant by emailing the center at learningcenter@valorcollege.com with a completed referral form. Students referred to the VLC by a faculty member will be contacted by a consultant and asked to complete the referral form before an initial consultation.

How to Use the VLC

First, download and complete this referral form, to give your consultant information about your assignment, including expectations of its length or content or both. Email this form to the VLC at learningcenter@valorcollege.com to begin a consultation. You may also receive a form to complete from the VLC if a professor has referred you for a consultation.

Then, your consultant will initiate a process of asking questions and offering insight, designed to help you complete your assignment with confidence. The consultation can take place by email, by phone or in person at the Learning Center (2-5 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays in 204-206 Canfield Hall).

What’s the Goal?

You might be interested to know that the goal of the Valor Learning Center is not to help you turn in a better assignment. We hope that the assignments on which you work with the VLC turn out better than those you do without the VLC, but that’s not the main thing as far as we’re concerned.

Our objective is to help develop a culture of communication at Valor. When you improve as a communicator, you become a better minister of the Gospel.

Whether you plant and pastor a church, become a recording artist or evangelist, serve in the mission field or thrive in a secular job while serving a local congregation wherever you are needed, you communicate the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in your circles of influence. And you’ll do it better when you have mastered the writing and speaking skills the VLC can help you develop. We hope you’ll take advantage of all the VLC can offer you.

Still Have Questions?

Contact the Valor Learning Center by phone at (614) 837-1990, ext. 472, or by email at learningcenter@valorcollege.com.