Associate of Applied Science In Organizational Leadership

The Associates of Arts in Organizational Leadership lays the foundation by introducing students to the theoretical concepts and practical applications in the fields of leadership and management. Students will explore the skill sets necessary to effectively lead and manage a global workforce. The program is designed to prepare students to assume management-focused leadership positions at organizations in both the public and private sectors, including a church or ministry, or to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Through a curriculum that links theory with best practices, students are trained in the principles and skill of transformational leadership - leadership that translates vision into change within the team-based management environments that characterize today’s organizations. Courses concentrate on distinctly Christian approaches to managing and leading people, and the biblical perspective of developing and supervising a business.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership should be able to:
  1. Accomplish basic computer functions including word/text processing, spreadsheets, presentation management, database management and Internet research.
  2. Demonstrate fluency in interpersonal communication, including listening for meaning, attending to non-verbal cues and discerning cultural difference in communication styles.
  3. Adapt to various communication styles and genres for the business environment, including internal communication, media relations, branding, digital presentation materials, meeting planning, group facilitation and other essential skills.
  4. Implement scriptural principles of relating to other persons in individual, small-group, family and organizational settings.
  5. Show a basic understanding of accounting theory, practices and procedures.
  6. Operate as a leader in a work team, demonstrating insights into leadership relationships, developing teams, coaching and diagnosing team effectiveness, servant leadership and the internal and external effects that God-directed teams have on the organizational community.
  7. Display an understanding of mentoring relationships, both as a mentor and as a mentee.
  8. Demonstrate self-understanding through the use of various instruments that reveal personal preferences and biases and how to utilize them in family, workplace and ministry settings.
  9. Show a determination to adopt a disposition for life-long learning.

Program Requirements for A.A.S. In Organizational Leadership

Total Required Courses = 65 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements
English Composition I
English Composition II
Success in College
Foundation in Communication (Course options available)
Social Science (Course options available)
Arts/Humanities/Literature (Course options available)
Introduction to Business Mathematics
Applied Science Requirement
Bible and Theology (Choose any 5 courses)
Old Testament
New Testament History
Bible Study Methods
Life of Christ
Theology I
Theology II
Church Ministries (Choose any 3 courses)
Introduction to Christian Leadership
Christian Ethics
Spiritual Formation
Essentials of Spirit-Empowered Ministry
Marriage and Family
Organizational Leadership
Introduction to Business
Accounting I
Dynamics of Team Leadership
Business Law
Business Communication
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Management